The Grace of Friendship

The Grace of Friendship

Dear friends,

I have just returned from giving three retreats.  I stand in awe of the Lord’s tender presence and His heart’s desire to draw His people into His heart.  I was deeply moved and very blessed by my time with all of these precious women.

I am preparing to give another retreat next week iStock_000010175075Smallin Florida and have been led to a study of Moses.  One of the most important things that I have taken away from this time with Moses has been his need for friends. One of the gifts of the trip for me was sneaking in a quick visit with my dear friend, Debbie Luke. Please check out her website, She is a sculptor who has brought to life Scriptural  images that have moved me greatly. On her website you can find her depiction of Moses. Moses was told by God that in a forthcoming battle, as long as his arms were up holding the rod of God high, Moses would win the battle.

But as soon as his arms grew weary and began to fall, they would lose their battle.  That’s fine if the battle is 15 minutes, but Debbie’s Moses says it loud and clear.  There sitting on a rock, completely spent after many hours of battle, Moses was held up by his brother Aaron and his friend, Hur.

IF you have an opportunity to look at Debbie’s art, you will see that there seems to be nothing left of Moses.  He is completely exhausted.  But the battle isn’t won yet so he must go on.  His battle is only won because of the faithfulness of Aaron and Hur who see Moses’s incredible need and refuse to let him fall.

There is a tremendous gift and treasure in friendship.  I always love when my travel includes a trip home to Louisiana.  There many of my oldest and dearest friends still grace my life with their love and support.  They know my strengths and my weaknesses, and their years of love and presence have literally shown the face of God to me over and over on this journey of life.

Today I give thanks for friendship, new and old.  And I pray for you to have at least one true friend in your life who KNOWS your heart, loves you deeply, and is the lifter of your arms in times of trial.  And I pray for each of us this morning that we know our Lord Jesus as the lifter of our heads and our greatest cheerleader, ever encouraging us in each of our battles, large and small.  May you know the peace, the power, the love and the presence of Jesus from the top of your heads to the tips of your toes today.  And give special thanks to God for the people in your life who have helped you keep going.  It is no small thing!! And one of God’s greatest gifts.  The Lord is with you.

Love, Anne


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